Now that we’ve had a week to catch up and publish some images, video’s and even a report from the event, I’d like to thank all the attendees as well as the speakers for a great time! I already look forward to next years summer event at Juvasshytta, but the next gotoAndSki event may actually happen before that! Follow this blog for upcoming announcements…

Here are the sides from some of the sessions:
Mihai Corlan on Debugging and Android. Richard Lord on Frameworks. My slides on Flash Authoring tools as well as the Away3D workshop slides.

For those of you that had to leave early on sunday and missed out on a full day with 20 cm of fresh powder snow – here’s a taste of what you missed:

Thank you so much to Fernando for bringing the Airboards and introducing us to this new sport. I am definitely getting one of these for next season!

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Guided tour to Galdhøpiggen

Jun, 02, 2010

It’s possible to join us for a guided tour to Norway’s highest mountain Galdhøpiggen on Saturday (weather permitting). The tour starts at 10 and it lasts for 6-7 hours. It’s a 15km round trip. The tour costs 175 NOK and covers the tour guide that is required to cross the glacier.


The weather can be perfect or it can be awful, and it can change in minutes. It’s important that you wear/bring mountain clothing.
Recommended clothing:

  • Mountain/hiking shoes, if you have galoshes to, bring those. No trainers or city shoes, you need real hiking shoes
  • Weather proof mittens or gloves and a cap.
  • Wind/Rain proof jacket.
  • Change of clothes, Extra Dry socks (wool), mittens etc.
  • And hopefully: Sun glasses and sun block

It is possible to buy some equipment at the Hotel.
Let us know if you want to join us for this trip @gotoAndSki or email.

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Last three sessions announced

May, 28, 2010

With the event only two weeks off, it is about time that we announce the last sessions.  FUGN is very happy to welcome Richard Lord from the UK as an external speaker!

Application Frameworks: The new kids on the block

Richard Lord (

The past year has seen an rapid growth in the development and adoption of a new breed of frameworks for Flash and Flex development. Based around Dependency Injection, these frameworks are lightweight and flexible.

But why should you consider these newcomers over the existing incumbents, and if you are to adopt a member of this new gang, which should it be?

In this session Richard will show you four of these newcomers – Robotlegs, Swiz, Parsley, and Spring Actionscript. He’ll discuss what they have in common and where they differ, why he thinks they are ready for mainstream use, and how to choose between them.

Flash & Phidgets: Interacting outside the screen

Thomas Nesse (

Why should all Flash apps be confined to a screen? Let them interact with the physical world with Phidgets. Phidgets are small USB devices that can sense, input, output or control devices outside of your computer.

This session will go through how to use Phidgets with Flash and how to get your Phidgets to interact with the physical world around . There might be Lasers!

Flash on a shoestring

Jens C Brynildsen (

There are so many ways to author Flash content. Thanks to the openness of Adobe and the surrounding ecosystem, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to buy development tools. In this session, Jens will take us through many of the options available to Flash developers, from free Open Source tools to commercial solutions.

We’ll take a look at complete production solutions like Adobe’s Flash Builder, FlashDevelop, FDT as well as some online tools. Jens will also talk about his latest favorite – IntelliJ IDEA – a Java based IDE (Win/Mac/Linux) that is a lot less sluggish than the Eclipse based editors and offers several unique features to speed up your coding.

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First three gotoAndSki speakers and sessions announced

May, 06, 2010

The event is shaping up and we now have the first three sessions ready. The remaining three will be published as soon as they are ready.

Advanced bug finding

Mihai Corlan (Adobe)

Finding bugs and memory leaks is a big issue for anyone doing Flash development. Mihai will show you how to debug and profile your apps to find those hard to nail bugs. The session will use Flash Builder, but it will also cover how to use Flash Builder to debug SWF files authored in Flash professional.

DIY Methodology, or, When Being Agile Can Break Your Back

Chris Pelsor (Snogboggin)

Over the last few years, more and more people are discussing methodology, which is great, except that every shop is different. Each shop has its own clients, different verticals, different languages, different people and different histories. What is needed is a more organic, holistic view on methodology design.

With over 10 years of experience working in shops as varied as .com startup, shrink wrap software, design and digital studios, and IT consultancies, Chris has seen most every workflow imaginable, and seen them both fail and succeed. In his talk, he’ll outline some of the more popular workflows and design/development methodologies, identify pain points that can be resolved through methodology development, and give pointers on how to begin growing your own methodology in your shop.

Android authoring using Flash CS5

Mihai Corlan (Adobe)

The launch of Flash Professional CS5 opens up the mobile market to Flash developers. This session will cover the new APIs available in FP10.1 on Android, about AIR on Android, about the workflows to build an app, debugging the AIR apps.

(This session was originally set up with FUGN manager Thomas Nesse. Thomas will now do a session on Phidgets instead)

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GotoAndSki Schedule

May, 06, 2010

The full program will be published next week, but this is the event schedule. The schedule is planned so that there will be plenty of time to go hiking and skiing before the program starts each evening. Friday workshop and sessions will be in the downstairs “Peisestue”. Saturday sessions will be in the upstairs dining room.

Time Session Name
Friday 11th, 10:00-16:00 Pre conference workshop
Getting started with Away3D **
Friday 11th, 18:30-20:00 Dinner *
Friday 11th, 20:30-21:15 Mihai Corlan
Advanced bug finding
Friday 11th, 21:30-22:15 Thomas Nesse
Flash & Phidgets: Interacting outside the screen
Friday 11th, 22:30-23:15 Mihai Corlan
Andriod authoring using Flash CS5
Saturday 12th, 18:30-20:00 Dinner
Saturday 12th, 20:30-21:15 Richard Lord
Application Frameworks: The new kids on the block
Saturday 12th, 21:30-22:15 Chris Pelsor
DIY Methodology, or, When Being Agile Can Break Your Back
Saturday 12th, 22:30-23:15 Jens C Brynildsen
Flash on a shoestring

* On Friday, dinner will be served as people arrive, so it’s possible to get food also after the scheduled time.

** Workshop attendees in need of a room from thursday to Friday pays NOK810.- for this (includes breakfast and full 3 course dinner).

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Free workshop – Getting started with Away3D

May, 06, 2010

The Friday the event starts, conference attendees are invited to attend a free full day workshop – compliments of Flash User Group Norway and the workshop host Jens Chr Brynildsen. You will however probably need to spend an extra night at Juvasshytta to manage to get to the workshop in the morning. The extra night, breakfast and dinner will cost you 810 NOK.


Learn how to use the realtime 3D engine Away3D. From the basics of setting it up to producing fully animated 3D scenes, this workshop will teach you what you need, from getting started to more advanced techniques. You’ll also learn how to continue expanding your knowledge after the workshop. We’ll start up with an overview of all the 3D engines that exist and how they differ from each other. We’ll look at speed, file size, ease of use as well as what features they offer. Then we’ll move on to Away3D and how to use it.

  • Setting up Away3D in your IDE
  • Using the view, scene and camera types
  • Primitives and imported models
  • Materials and lighting
  • Animation and tweening
  • Handling user interaction

If time allows, we’ll also go further than this. The workshop will also cover common pitfalls and how to avoid them as well as tips and tricks for optimizing performance.


This workshop is aimed at programmers and designers with some programming experience. You’ll use the development tool of your choice and all sample code will work on all platforms. The workshop will cover workflows for the most common development tools: Flex Builder, Flash CS3/4, FlashDevelop and FDT. The workshop will be in English.

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Registration opened

Apr, 23, 2010

FUGN is now accepting registrations for gotoAndSki(); at Juvasshytta June 11-13 2010.

As Juvasshytta is not a big hotel we need to reserve rooms for all participants as soon as possible. The rooms are for three persons with shower and shared bathroom. We have a limited number of these rooms (10 first attendees), but we also have access to other rooms with shared shower and bathroom.

We will have an open agenda during the day where it is possible to ski, hike or take a guided tour. After dinner Friday and Saturday there will be Flash and mobile related sessions. The program is not finalized, but we welcome speakers to submit their proposal.

Ticket price is 1990 NOK pr. person. The price covers two nights, breakfast and a three course meal on friday and saturday. Depending on what you want to do of activities, these is an additional cost. The gotoAndSki(); conference is non-profit.

Click here to go to the Eventbrite registration page

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Summer skiing

Apr, 23, 2010

At Juvasshytta there is an alpine ski resort with lift on a glacier, with top on 2200 meters above sea level, the highest in Scandinavia. It is called Galdhøpiggen summer ski center and is open from June and all the summer as long as the road is open.

All sorts of skiing equipment is available to rent, The one-day pass is NOK 325.- and the two-day pass is 560.-
Read more about Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski here

C.H./Innovation Norway / CC BY 2.0
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Hiking to Galdhøpiggen

Apr, 23, 2010

One of the activities at Juvass is the hike to the summit of Northern Europe’s highest mountain. The trip is not hard, but the view is breathtaking and crossing the glacier is quite exciting!

“Access to the top of Galdhøpiggen is not especially hard: from Juvasshytta (1850 metres above sea level, 5 km from the summit) it takes about three hours up (including about 45 minute to prepare for crossing the Styggebreen glacier) glacier, an hour at the top and about two hours back. Some days in the summer, a few hundred people reach the summit each day. Guides are needed to cross the glacier, but are available every summer morning.

At the summit a small cabin has been built. In the summer soft drinks, chocolate bars, postcards and other items are sold here. Earlier the Norwegian Postal Authority had a small post office here—being the highest in Northern Europe.” (from Wikipedia)

While the postal office is no longer there, you can still get your postcards stamped at the top. You can find more info about the climb here (Norwegian). Below you can find a couple pictures from when my son did the trip some years ago as well as some more professional pictures from the summit.

Johan Wildhagen/Innovation Norway

Johan Wildhagen/Innovation Norway

Walking up to the summit / Looking up at the summit

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Getting to the event

Apr, 20, 2010

Given that the event location is up in the mountains, it’s also not just next to a major airport so some travel is required. If you arrive by plane, you should fly to OSL Airport and then take either train or car from there. The best/cheapest airline for getting to OSL is usually Norwegian.

By train

The most comfortable way is by taking the train to Otta station. From there, we will arrange for someone to pick you up by car. To arrange the pickup, just send an email to jenschr [at) gmail (dot] com after you have ordered your ticket.

The train takes 3.5hrs to Otta and the drive from Otta is about 2 hrs. There are 6 trains daily and you can also jump on this train directly from OSL airport to save some time. Use for train planning.

By car

You can also do the trip using your own car. Travel time will vary depending on where you travel from, but using Google Maps gives you a decent estimate. The drive from both Oslo and Bergen is about 6 hours. We already know of people driving their own car, so email us if you either drive and have room for others, or you want to catch a ride with someone.