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GotoAndSki Schedule

May, 06, 2010

The full program will be published next week, but this is the event schedule. The schedule is planned so that there will be plenty of time to go hiking and skiing before the program starts each evening. Friday workshop and sessions will be in the downstairs “Peisestue”. Saturday sessions will be in the upstairs dining room.

Time Session Name
Friday 11th, 10:00-16:00 Pre conference workshop
Getting started with Away3D **
Friday 11th, 18:30-20:00 Dinner *
Friday 11th, 20:30-21:15 Mihai Corlan
Advanced bug finding
Friday 11th, 21:30-22:15 Thomas Nesse
Flash & Phidgets: Interacting outside the screen
Friday 11th, 22:30-23:15 Mihai Corlan
Andriod authoring using Flash CS5
Saturday 12th, 18:30-20:00 Dinner
Saturday 12th, 20:30-21:15 Richard Lord
Application Frameworks: The new kids on the block
Saturday 12th, 21:30-22:15 Chris Pelsor
DIY Methodology, or, When Being Agile Can Break Your Back
Saturday 12th, 22:30-23:15 Jens C Brynildsen
Flash on a shoestring

* On Friday, dinner will be served as people arrive, so it’s possible to get food also after the scheduled time.

** Workshop attendees in need of a room from thursday to Friday pays NOK810.- for this (includes breakfast and full 3 course dinner).

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Free workshop – Getting started with Away3D

May, 06, 2010

The Friday the event starts, conference attendees are invited to attend a free full day workshop – compliments of Flash User Group Norway and the workshop host Jens Chr Brynildsen. You will however probably need to spend an extra night at Juvasshytta to manage to get to the workshop in the morning. The extra night, breakfast and dinner will cost you 810 NOK.


Learn how to use the realtime 3D engine Away3D. From the basics of setting it up to producing fully animated 3D scenes, this workshop will teach you what you need, from getting started to more advanced techniques. You’ll also learn how to continue expanding your knowledge after the workshop. We’ll start up with an overview of all the 3D engines that exist and how they differ from each other. We’ll look at speed, file size, ease of use as well as what features they offer. Then we’ll move on to Away3D and how to use it.

  • Setting up Away3D in your IDE
  • Using the view, scene and camera types
  • Primitives and imported models
  • Materials and lighting
  • Animation and tweening
  • Handling user interaction

If time allows, we’ll also go further than this. The workshop will also cover common pitfalls and how to avoid them as well as tips and tricks for optimizing performance.


This workshop is aimed at programmers and designers with some programming experience. You’ll use the development tool of your choice and all sample code will work on all platforms. The workshop will cover workflows for the most common development tools: Flex Builder, Flash CS3/4, FlashDevelop and FDT. The workshop will be in English.

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