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First three gotoAndSki speakers and sessions announced

May, 06, 2010

The event is shaping up and we now have the first three sessions ready. The remaining three will be published as soon as they are ready.

Advanced bug finding

Mihai Corlan (Adobe)

Finding bugs and memory leaks is a big issue for anyone doing Flash development. Mihai will show you how to debug and profile your apps to find those hard to nail bugs. The session will use Flash Builder, but it will also cover how to use Flash Builder to debug SWF files authored in Flash professional.

DIY Methodology, or, When Being Agile Can Break Your Back

Chris Pelsor (Snogboggin)

Over the last few years, more and more people are discussing methodology, which is great, except that every shop is different. Each shop has its own clients, different verticals, different languages, different people and different histories. What is needed is a more organic, holistic view on methodology design.

With over 10 years of experience working in shops as varied as .com startup, shrink wrap software, design and digital studios, and IT consultancies, Chris has seen most every workflow imaginable, and seen them both fail and succeed. In his talk, he’ll outline some of the more popular workflows and design/development methodologies, identify pain points that can be resolved through methodology development, and give pointers on how to begin growing your own methodology in your shop.

Android authoring using Flash CS5

Mihai Corlan (Adobe)

The launch of Flash Professional CS5 opens up the mobile market to Flash developers. This session will cover the new APIs available in FP10.1 on Android, about AIR on Android, about the workflows to build an app, debugging the AIR apps.

(This session was originally set up with FUGN manager Thomas Nesse. Thomas will now do a session on Phidgets instead)

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