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Last three sessions announced

May, 28, 2010

With the event only two weeks off, it is about time that we announce the last sessions.  FUGN is very happy to welcome Richard Lord from the UK as an external speaker!

Application Frameworks: The new kids on the block

Richard Lord (

The past year has seen an rapid growth in the development and adoption of a new breed of frameworks for Flash and Flex development. Based around Dependency Injection, these frameworks are lightweight and flexible.

But why should you consider these newcomers over the existing incumbents, and if you are to adopt a member of this new gang, which should it be?

In this session Richard will show you four of these newcomers – Robotlegs, Swiz, Parsley, and Spring Actionscript. He’ll discuss what they have in common and where they differ, why he thinks they are ready for mainstream use, and how to choose between them.

Flash & Phidgets: Interacting outside the screen

Thomas Nesse (

Why should all Flash apps be confined to a screen? Let them interact with the physical world with Phidgets. Phidgets are small USB devices that can sense, input, output or control devices outside of your computer.

This session will go through how to use Phidgets with Flash and how to get your Phidgets to interact with the physical world around . There might be Lasers!

Flash on a shoestring

Jens C Brynildsen (

There are so many ways to author Flash content. Thanks to the openness of Adobe and the surrounding ecosystem, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to buy development tools. In this session, Jens will take us through many of the options available to Flash developers, from free Open Source tools to commercial solutions.

We’ll take a look at complete production solutions like Adobe’s Flash Builder, FlashDevelop, FDT as well as some online tools. Jens will also talk about his latest favorite – IntelliJ IDEA – a Java based IDE (Win/Mac/Linux) that is a lot less sluggish than the Eclipse based editors and offers several unique features to speed up your coding.

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