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Flash, Flex and Summer Ski!

Mar, 26, 2010

This summer, Flash User Group Norway (FUGN) will put on a two day miniconference called GotoAndSki. The conference will take place 11th – 13th June 2010 at the classic summer ski resort Juvass Hytta, at the foot of the highest mountain in Northern Europe – Galdhøpiggen.

The basic plan is to spend the days outdoors, meeting people, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and networking. After dinner at Juvasshytta, the conference program will start with three one hour sessions each evening. The conference program and speakers are not finalized but we’ll post details here as they are finalized.

Galdhøpiggen is one of the few places in Norway offering good summer ski. It’s only one 1400 meter run, but there’s a snowboard park with boxes and jumps of varying styles and if the weather is good, you can go skiing wearing only shorts! (more info)

It you’re more into trekking, the Galdhøpiggen mountain is also just outside the door. Raging at 2,469 m (8,100 ft) above sea level, it’s the highest peak in Northern Europe and the hike to the top is just fantastic. On the way up, you’ll be tied together with ropes as you cross the Styggedals-glacier. The trip is 6-7 hours and includes a good break at the summit where there’s a small cabin where you can buy warm drinks, snacks and stamped postcards (more info).

We are aiming to make this affordable and Juvass Hytta is not a fancy hotel. It’s a mountain hut that is part of the Norwegain Trekking Association that offers simple and good quality at an affordable price. We have already booked some rooms (2-3 persons share the room), but since we are financing this ourselves, we can’t order the whole place. Attendance is thus limited, but we have a couple options when it comes to fitting in more people. The earlier you register, the better room you’ll get is the general rule. Registration will open mid-April.

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Contact info

Mar, 17, 2010

If you have a question about the event, contact Jens Chr Brynildsen via email jenschr [at) gmail (dot] com or phone +47 90691786.